Moving? How To Successfully Pack A Box Of Books

Any book lover wants to make sure that their book collection makes it to their new house in the best condition possible. And that starts with knowing how to pack each box of books. It may sound simple, but only by following the right process can you ensure the best results. Here are a few steps to take. 

1. Select Good Boxes. First of all, don't skimp on boxes for books. Books are heavy, sometimes fragile, and easily damaged by moisture. So select good quality boxes, preferably new ones. If using used boxes, make sure they're sturdy and add a layer of reinforcing tape on the bottom seams. 

2. Pad the Bottom. Put down a layer on the bottom of the box before you fill it. Consider a layer of water-resistant material with some acid-free paper between it and the books. These layers protect from moisture below the box. Then, use large, thin books — such as coffee table books — to form a layer that distributes weight evenly. 

3. Pack Heaviest First. On top of the base layer, pack the heaviest books first. These usually include hardcover books, with paperbacks reserved for upper layers. Distribute the weight of heavy books as evenly as possible. 

4. Know When to Stop. When your box is about half full, stop and test the weight. If safe, attempt to actually lift the box. The most common problem when packing books is to make them too heavy for safe transportation. Stop filling before the box is too heavy to maneuver, even if it means more boxes are used. 

5. Fill in Gaps. Once you've reached your weight or size limit, fill in any gaps all around the books. Use acid-free paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or even household linens. Move the box a little to test for shifting. 

6. Seal and Label. Now you're ready to close the box and prepare it for the moving truck. Make sure the box can be easily closed all the way. If anything causes bulging or the top is concave, add or remove items until it's a solid square. Seal with at least two perpendicular layers of packing tape. Then, clearly label the box on at least two sides for easy identification. 

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Want more tips for successfully packing books and other collectibles? Meet with experienced local movers today. With their guidance, all your belongings will have their best chance to reach their new homes without any problems.  

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