Preparing Your Home for Movers on a Rainy Day

Rain and moving do not go together well. If you have hired a moving company, you will not have to directly deal with the rain as much as you would during a DIY move. But you can and should still take a few steps to prepare for the arrival of your moving professionals.

1. Put cardboard down on the floors.

Your instinct might be to put down some mats and rugs to keep the movers from bringing muddy footprints into the home. However, movers will be concerned about tripping over rugs. A better option is to tape cardboard down on the floors in the areas where the movers will be walking. You can just cut and open some cardboard boxes, and then secure them with painter's tape, which won't remove the finish from the floor when you remove it. Taping the cardboard down keeps the movers from catching their foot on it or tripping on it.

2. Clear a parking spot.

Make sure there is a place for the movers to park the moving trucks. This spot should be as close to your home as possible. If this means you have to park your own car down the street, do it. If it means you have to call your landlord and ask if you can use their spot for a few hours, do that, too. The smaller the distance between the front door and the moving truck, the dryer your movers (and your items) will remain.

3. Make a list of items that cannot get wet.

Movers will make their best effort to ensure your possessions don't get wet. They can bring plastic sheets to cover things and water-resistant boxes to pack with. However, things might still get a little damp if it's raining hard. This is okay for some items, like refrigerators, but not for others, like valuable paintings. Make a list of items that absolutely cannot get wet, and give this list to your movers so they know where to take extra precautions.

4. Move outdoor items out of the way.

Your movers will need to watch their footing when walking outside, especially when carrying heavy items over slippery spots. Move any patio furniture, toys, landscaping rocks, and other items that might get in the way of the movers so they don't have to maneuver so carefully.

If you follow the tips above, you'll be helping your home movers get through the rain.

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