Moving? Tips For Packing A Kitchen

As your moving day gets closer, you'll need to start packing up your home's kitchen. Your kitchen has many more fragile items than the rest of your home, which is why it helps to know the following packing tips.

Use Dish Boxes

While regular boxes may work for the rest of your home, packing your kitchen could benefit from using specialty dish boxes. These are boxes that are designed specifically for holding cups, bowls, plates, and other kitchen items that can break. The design has dividers so each item has some cushion that prevents them from touching each other.

Your moving boxes can take quite a beating as they are moved between homes. Consider this upgrade to ensure that all your dishware gets to your new place in one piece.

Pad Small Glasses

Dish boxes may have individual spots for each glass, but short glasses can move around within the box if you do not pack them correctly. You'll want to put some sort of additional padding above and below the glass so that it does not have room to move. You can use bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, or even extra clothes from your dresser.

Wrap Pieces Individually

It always helps to protect dishware by wrapping them individually. Even a layer of paper wrapped around a bowl or plate will help prevent the item from becoming chipped white being moved. At the very least, ensure that no two items are touching each other. For example, if you are stacking plates, place a piece of cardboard between each place to give some extra padding.

You should never nest items on top of each other without wrapping them individually first. This is especially true of glassware, which has a high chance of breaking when the box is set down somewhere.

Keep Boxes Light

It may be tempting to cram as many items as possible into a single box, but this is one instance where you want to keep boxes as light as you can. The weight of the box will contribute to the impact it makes when being set down. If a box falls down, a heavy box will have a bigger impact than a light box. Separating your dishware into more boxes will also cause fewer items to become damaged if one box is treated roughly.

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