Preparing To Move To A New Office: Four Things To Consider

Moving to a new office can be a great way for your business to expand, but you'll want to arrange the move so your day-to-day business operations can remain smooth during the transition. Here are a few helpful things you can do to prepare for your move and keep your business going strong.

Arrange For Temporary Work Spaces

Working at either office on moving day might prove difficult, so consider arranging for temporary work spaces for your staff on the day of the move. You can have some employees work from home, or you can rent space in a co-working space. These facilities are typically used by small companies and startups that aren't ready to rent their own offices, but they can come in handy for your employees during the move. They often feature conference rooms, private spaces for phone calls, and Wi-Fi connections your employees can use to get their work done.

Choose Electronics Setup

Some local movers offer electronics setup services, which means you don't have to worry about setting up the computers on every desk in your new office. You can instead focus on unpacking and getting your company settled into its new space. Be sure to ask about phone system setup as well, as some moving companies can also get your business phone system up and running for you. If you have a private server system or other complex electronics that need to be set up, consider having someone from your IT department present to troubleshoot and direct the movers.

Hire A Night Crew

Unpacking and getting settled during the day can be disruptive to the staff handling daily business, so consider hiring a night crew to get everything in its proper place. Offer your employees the opportunity to work after hours for overtime pay, and be sure that you have their daily work covered to ensure all projects can still be completed on time during the move. The crew should be voluntary, as this will help to keep morale up as you transition to your new office space. In some cases, you may even be able arrange for your commercial movers to handle your entire move after hours, which frees up your staff to work in your new office nearly right away.

Talk to a local moving company, like Moving U, about other moving services it offers and how you can best plan for your move. With a plan in place, you can ensure a smooth transition to your brand new office space.

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