Critical Moving Tips: Choosing And Preparing Your Boxes

While packing up and moving heavy, large, and irregularly shaped furniture might be among the most frustrating and challenging parts of a move, it's probably not where you'll spend most of your time. Instead, the majority of time preparing for a move comes down to one seemingly straightforward task: filling boxes.

Of course, anyone who's moved before knows this isn't a simple task at all. Many problems arise from choosing the wrong boxes or simply not having enough for all of your possessions. This guide will take you on a deep dive into choosing and acquiring the best packages for your move while hopefully helping to save you time, frustration, and even money.

The Basics: General Purpose Boxes

General-purpose boxes are where you'll store most of your items. These can come in any size or shape but remember that huge boxes will be heavy to lift, while tiny boxes can create a frustrating packing experience. A good rule of thumb is that your general-purpose boxes shouldn't require two people to carry, and they should be large enough to fit most items in your home.

If you're moving on a budget, start by calling a few big box stores in your area and asking if they have any extra boxes on hand. You can also check local online classifieds since many people have plenty of excess boxes they're looking to eliminate. Finally, your moving company (if you're using one) should offer relatively cheap boxes that you can buy if you can't find enough through free sources.

Moving Up: Specialized Boxes

Most families will need at least a handful of specialized boxes to safely transport some of their items. These include wardrobe boxes, television boxes, and even mattress boxes. Not only will these boxes help to protect your items, but they usually have handles or other convenient features to make moving them much more manageable.

You probably won't be able to find these boxes for free, so try to figure out how many you'll need so you can avoid over (or under) purchasing. These specialized boxes are another place where your moving company may be able to help, either by supplying you with the containers or recommending a reliable and affordable place to buy them.

Final Steps: Preparing Your Boxes for the Big Day

Once you have your boxes, you'll need to take a few more steps to ensure they're ready to move safely. Always tape your boxes multiple times, with at least one strip lengthwise over the gap between the flaps and multiple strips running parallel to the first. You can add more tape over the sides to keep your first strips from peeling off.

You should also be careful when stacking your boxes. Always place the heaviest boxes on the bottom and avoid stacking partially filled boxes whenever possible. These steps will help protect your items while making it much easier for your movers to get them out of your house and into the truck.

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