Reasons You Should Choose A Professional Mover Over The Help Of Your Friends

Everyone wants to save a quick buck. Why pay professional movers by the hour when you could hire your friends to help you move for little or no cost? It may sound like an easy choice, but in all actuality, it does come with its problems that could have been avoided if the person moving would have chosen the professional route. Listed below are four reasons why you should hire professional movers instead of your friends:

Time and Energy

Hauling and loading heavy boxes, furniture, and unloading can take up a large amount of time. As someone who plans to move ASAP, you do not want anything to slow the transition.  When you do not hire a professional mover you may delay your expected moving time. What can add on to the delay is distance. What if your friends live across town?

Is saving a buck really worth the delay when you are on a tight time schedule? Professional movers understand your rush. Telling them when you are supposed to be moved out of your home will also be of help to them. They will move in a timely manner that suits your preferences.

With professionals, the movers will make it one of their primary duties to arrive on time.


Sure your friends may be strong, but professional movers have not only strength, but the pace to go with it. When you are used to moving boxes on a daily basis, your body gets used to the motions. Professional movers have experience loading the truck swiftly without any problem. This can also be of benefit to you if you have a health issue that prevents you from taking part in any type of heavy lifting.

Knack for organization

The last thing you would want your friends to do is to rush the process. It may sound contradictory to your wants of a swift and easy move, but moving can become a messy and strenuous job without trained professionals. Movers will help organize your items in a way that ensures a much safer travel. With friends just tossing boxes in the back of the truck, ignoring the boxes that are marked as "fragile" your items are at a risk of being damaged.  

Having a professional mover organize your boxes also gives you an ample amount of space. They know exactly how to stack each box and position each piece of furniture so that even the tightest of space can be utilized.  With more space, comes more items, and that results in fewer trips to the delivery destination which cuts the moving time in half.

Necessary equipment

A friend's handy pickup truck or van may be too risky for fragile items. Moving will also take much longer due to the cramped space and having to make many trips for the tons of other boxes and pieces of furniture. Without professional movers, you would need to rent a hand truck and a dolly to transport your belongings. On the other hand, if you were to hire a professional they would arrive with the equipment already on hand, so you would not only save money but also slim the chances of items being destroyed.

You may be used to relying on your friends to help you with major events in your life, but to guarantee the security of your belongings, it is best to leave it to the professionals. They will save you time, money, and the hassle. Think of it like this; if you have large yet fragile items that you wouldn't trust yourself carrying, why would you trust a friend with zero professional experience doing so?   

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